FHKSafari is a project in which the various courses and disciplines that provides Fontys FHK, getting to know each other and collaborate interdisciplinary in special configurations. Cooperation is not only among students but also with teachers and support staff. These creative partnerships will lead to several performances mapping FHK as a city and community for a safari trip. This safari is a combined physical and virtual tour that offers a virtual experience of these collaborations to physical locations within and outside the school.

This website is the PORTAL to experience FHK Safari and gives you instructions, info, photo’s, video’s and the opportunity to make your own 360video for a D-tour for educational purposes.

Our campaign started off with a 2D live video on facebook with FHK director Karen Neervoort asking students, teachers and staff to participate.

This  360 video was released short after that campaign video by the FHK Safari projectleaders

FHKSafari project leaders are architect and educator Lex Hildenbrant and interdisciplinary artist and educator Danny van der Laan.

FHK Safari was originally initiated by FHK Staff at a study meeting. Strategic goals were interdisciplinary and international focus and FHKsafari being a research for an Idea lab.

To explain and reach students, teachers and staff  with our mission, vision and what to expect from participating we made this short video: